Just a short story for the world of Random Encounters I wrote up. Thought I’d share it with you guys. Enjoy!


These foes would prove to be worrisome, Reginald thought, examining his surroundings. “Eight”, he counted in his head. “I can handle eight.” Which one would be the first to fall? Reginald thought about his strategy, and then he knew. First, he would go for the Brute. He would shoot forth a blast of blue fire at the Brute, whose weight would rock back into the Singer beside him. Next he would have to deal with those closest to him. On his right, the Wild One and the Flyer. The Wild One’s sorcery probably matched his own, so he would have to summon his sword against her, and wherever the Flyer went the sword would also follow. To his left, the Sneak – no – the Sneak would be dealt with last. After her was the Hunter, a skilled shot, though a novice still. He might get taken out by one of the others. Then there was of course the Brains. She was surely doing the same thing he was at this very moment, but she did not know war as he knew it. While his flame and his sword are at work, he will try something unpredictable- perhaps using something in his surroundings. And last was the Shield. After the Flyer was taken care of, only the sword could maneuver its way around that fortress.

He did not get a chance to reconsider what he would do about the Sneak, for the Singer began reaching for the last turkey leg.

(This is what happens when I can’t sleep).