New templates are on the way for all the cards, so now I can make edits faster and I won’t have a gazillion broken layers in the Photoshop files slowing me down. These new templates are clean, have bigger numbers and are overall brighter to help compensate for the darkening that occurs during the printing process.

The Encounter side of things is finished, next will be loot, and then I’ll go back and finish the character cards. Just about everyone is getting a buff in their abilities – we want players to always WANT to use their abilities when the opportunity arises.

I believe we have also decided on our box size, and it will be the same as the Carcassonne box (or as I affectionately call it, “Cracker-Son”). This is a rectangular box, which I like more than the square styled ones. For one, it will fit in a backpack more easily! And 2… nope, that’s about it. Random Encounters is a game I would have taken with me to school if I had it as a kid, and so I want the gaTemplate for MONSTERSme to be able to fit in an easily transported container.Template for Traps 3

Anyway, here’s a look at the templates in their current form!