We are getting ready to place an order for prototype copies of Random Encounters! I’m really satisfied with the latest version of the game and how things flow. I’ll be ordering the prototypes from Print & Play Productions and will be sending them out to several board game previewers. It’s cool that there are actually folks out there who will take the time to look at a board game that isn’t officially ‘out’ yet. Hopefully we can get some cool quotes to put on the finished box art! ^_^

I wonder if they’ll point any flaws that haven’t been discovered – good to nip that sort of thing before release. I remember waaay back when – and getting Dead or Alive 2 for the Xbox and inside the game’s manual they had an extra sheet printed out that fell out when you opened the manual. On that page was a reprinting of Zack’s movelist. “How can you mess that up!?” I say, naively gloating before releasing a printed product. I’m sure there’s actually any number of reasons that this could have happened. What if the moves were changed at the last minute in-game and they had to come out with an extra page to adapt it? The manuals must have already been printed for them to include an insert like that.

Basically what I’m trying to say is wish us luck so that there aren’t any insert pages in our own manual!


Prototype Cards