This is it, Adventurers!

We are going live on Kickstarter! With your help, we can finally get this game printed and shipped. We’ve had so many people ask us at conventions if they can buy a copy of the game – and now it will be possible with your support. I’ve been awake for nearly 50 hours now (okay I got a 3 hour nap!) trying to get everything ready, and I think we’re there!

To everyone who has ever stopped to say ‘hi’ at a convention, messaged us about the status of the game, texted us remind us that you love us, I am so grateful to have met you, to have gotten to know you, and to have battle the Lord of the Jellies with you. I sincerely can’t say if we will hit our goal, but consider this the last few steps of this long journey. We’re almost home, but there’s just one last mountain to climb over.

Will we make it?

I don’t know.

But I do know that I’ll feel a lot better about the trip if you’re there with us. Just like you’ve always been. Thank you so much, everyone. This is it. It’s time.

See you up top!

-Joshua and Jordan