Back Home from the Board Game Bash

Custom DiceWe are back home safely from the Board Game Bash – a really cool event, and we have to give major props to Jonathan for putting together such a splendid shindig.

To get ready for the Bash, we got some new prototype dice in – a HUGE upgrade from the dice with stickers that he had before. It was $70 for about 27 custom dice, which SEEMS like a lot, but it was a rush job (made and sent from Kentucky to Texas in less than a week) and Jay from Custom Dice answered his phone at 8 o’clock at night. Considering that I can’t get most businesses to answer their phones during regular business hours I have huge respect for someone who would answer the phone that late.

We also got a brand new print out – and boy were we cutting it close with these, we picked them up on the way out of town – many thanks to Cheryl with Outburst for helping us out with those! It felt great to get a new print after six months of using the last one. We’ve changed the data on a lot of cards, updated the
artwork, and added in some last minute ideas that did pretty well (like the Resting Grounds card giving players a Star Token on top of healing). The final bosses may have been a LITTLE too hard, but this event was great for playtesting Random Encounters.
Jordan PlaytestingWe had several groups of people play and a fair number of them actually made it through and defeated the final boss (although not all were so lucky). Many thanks to Sam for being such a fan of Random Encounters.

All in all, it was an excellent event, but we’re glad to be back home. It can be strange to go from what feels like long periods of isolation to being submerged in social activity, however it was nice to hear from so ma
ny folks that they enjoyed the game and the artwork. It’s both draining and recharging! The moment I got home I decided to turn my living room into a work room, so now Jordan and I now have a lot of space to work. I’ll post a picture of that once I’ve got the posters up. =)

-JoshGroup of Players

Find us at the Board Game Bash!

I’ll be at the Board Game Bash in Austin, TX from August 1-3, inside the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown.

Jordan will be there on Saturday and Sunday, the second and third – we’ll have art prints of the Resting Grounds artwork (which will go directly towards cans of energy drinks and sweet tea during long evenings) .

And we’ll be playtesting THE ENTIRE WEEKEND with a brand new printout. Hope to see you there!

Board Game Bash



Random Encounters Rulebook V.01

YEAH! So here is the rulebook, ready for your consumption and review. It’s a bit rushed towards the end, but shush! I’m at a point where I need some feedback on the entire thing, then I’ll type it up all over again from the ground up with your notes.

Download the Rulebook Here

For some reason Adobe Reader was giving me trouble with the document, but Foxit Reader displayed it wonderfully (and it’s free).

Also a big thanks to smallpdf for compressing the rulebook from over 200 MB down to half a MB.

Email your notes on the rulebook to:

Rulebook out soon!

Here’s a sneak peak at the rulebook. I’ll post it the moment it’s ready! Would you prefer a detailed, color version like the preview below, or a standard, printer-friendly black and white version?


Rulebook Sample

Behold! The bane of my existence!

For some reason I’ve really struggled with writing this. I consider this to be the vegetables of designing Random Encounters. Getting the playtest and come up with new ideas, that’s the meat of the game. Getting to color? That’s some delicious desert. But writing the rulebook and studying copyright laws have been the brussels sprouts on the plate of game design. Next post will include a PDF download – need another way to view it? Let us know.


News Coverage of Library Class

Our class garnered the attention of the local media (after I may or may not have messaged them)! Here’s a short video they put together about the event, interviewing a smart kiddo from the class. You can see me helping him out for a moment, and Jordan’s tush in the background. He’s practically an internet celebrity.

Click the picture to watch the video on the Victoria Advocate’s site.

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Ink and Color Videos

Howdy folks, got a double whammy of videos for you today. We recently did a class at the Victoria Public Library with an attendance of about 30 people! To prepare for the class, we put together some videos to display while we were talking and setting up computers. The first one is a speed ink of the Ogre, and the other is a speed color of the Flooded Passage! artwork. Enjoy!

Ogre Ink 

Flooded Passage! Trap Card Artwork

Thanks to all of the students who came out, we learned quite a bit ourselves. =)


Comic Art Document

After much, much writing, the document for our (free!) class at the Victoria Public Library on May 15 and 17 is ready. Or at least it is for tonight, I’ll look at it for errors and such when it’s not midnight. Feel free to point out any typos and such to me.


If you’d like to download the PDF here it is, but while the images look better than they did while I was editing the document, the font came out much worse. What an odd trade-off.

Click on the link below for 8 pages of knowledge.

Creating Comic Art COMPLETE


Livestream video!

Did a Livestream for the first part of coloring the Flooded Passage Trap art. It has since been deleted as Livestream only hangs on to your videos for a couple of days, but you can subscribe to our page to keep up to date with the next session!

Regular People Gaming Livestream here.



Just a short story for the world of Random Encounters I wrote up. Thought I’d share it with you guys. Enjoy!


These foes would prove to be worrisome, Reginald thought, examining his surroundings. “Eight”, he counted in his head. “I can handle eight.” Which one would be the first to fall? Reginald thought about his strategy, and then he knew. First, he would go for the Brute. He would shoot forth a blast of blue fire at the Brute, whose weight would rock back into the Singer beside him. Next he would have to deal with those closest to him. On his right, the Wild One and the Flyer. The Wild One’s sorcery probably matched his own, so he would have to summon his sword against her, and wherever the Flyer went the sword would also follow. To his left, the Sneak – no – the Sneak would be dealt with last. After her was the Hunter, a skilled shot, though a novice still. He might get taken out by one of the others. Then there was of course the Brains. She was surely doing the same thing he was at this very moment, but she did not know war as he knew it. While his flame and his sword are at work, he will try something unpredictable- perhaps using something in his surroundings. And last was the Shield. After the Flyer was taken care of, only the sword could maneuver its way around that fortress.

He did not get a chance to reconsider what he would do about the Sneak, for the Singer began reaching for the last turkey leg.

(This is what happens when I can’t sleep).